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Sandele Eco Retreat

We were approached to produce a base design for this small hotel on the Atlantic Coast of The Gambia.  The main stipulation of the clients was that due to local deforestation the entirety of the structure had to be made from earth dug from the site, which was a disused laterite quarry.

Client / 

Gamspirit Ltd

Year / 


Our clients are pioneers of socially and environmentally responsible tourism and one of their main aims was to develop the building skills necessary to construct the hotel buildings in partnership with the local community - rather than by bringing in external contractors as most international hotel chains do.

As a result the construction technology had to be simple, relying on traditional masonry construction techniques of load bearing domes and barrel vaults.

We produced a number of plain base-designs with the intention that these would be modified on site and embellished and adorned with decoration with the builders as they were constructed.

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