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St Swithun's Terrace, Lewes

Like many projects in an urban terrace this one is made up of two parts:  a loft conversion (in this case the enlarging of an existing conversion) and a ground floor extension.

On the west side of a steep hill just below Lewes Castle, in the picturesque county town of East Sussex, sits a row of terraced houses.  The terrace is Edwardian and built of brick between the late 19th century and early 20th century, each house is two stories high with their own tiled  pitched roof, which falls like a steps down the steep hill.


The owners were in desperate need of more space for cooking and family living on the ground floor and the roof had already been converted, it had a small floor area and a tiny dormer window, resulting in a dark uncelebrated room.  The surrounding views of this terrace are definitely to be celebrated and seen.


The only way to provide more living space to the terrace was with an extension to the rear of the terrace. As the property is within the Lewes Conservation Area a planning application and Listed Building Consent was the most likely route.

The collaboration between client and ourselves resulted in an amazing clean detailed ground floor extension into the back garden.  The roof space window was enlarged and with clever engineering the more of the floor space was utilised.

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