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Gun Brewery and Tap Room

The Gun Brewery is a rural business formed on a farm with a very special well as the source of its water.  The brewery had outgrown their first home, at the heart of the farm, and wanted to create a new base to enable them to expand whilst staying within reach of that water, and remaining a rural enterprise rooted in its origins.

A site on the 140 acre farm was chosen for its proximity to the road and stunning southern views.  The new building is carefully placed in a hollow in this field that allows the new bulding commanding views whilst nestling into the ground.  The overall form of the new brewery is based on modern agricultural buildings, and the different functions housed within the building are subtly defined by roof heights and external materials.  The brewing and storage areas adopt a crisp black cladding while the tap room and offices are clad in timber: a smarter version of rustic overcaldding used on other buildings on the estate.

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Gun Brewery


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The Taproom is both a place for the brewery to show off its produce, and has become a place for locals to gather, as well as craft beer enthusiast from further afield.

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